VIDCON MEDIA ALERT: TiTAN Platform to Preview TiTAN Play, a new Smart Content Platform for Creators and Fans, and TiTAN Core, a new All-in-One, In-Home Smart Entertainment Device

Posted by Cassidy Malloy

ANAHEIM, Calif., June 22, 2017  /PRNewswire/ — TiTAN Platform US, a smart content and device company based in Silicon Beach, will preview TiTAN Play™, a new highly encrypted platform for entertainment with a focus on monetizing and protecting digital creators in the US and Asia, and TiTAN Core™ 5, an all-in-one multimedia and connected smart home entertainment device rolling out later this year.

TiTAN Platform US will host a TiTAN Play karaoke entertainment stage and “Karaoke Selfie Sing-Off” event daily during VidCon with top creators helping judge the top karaoke singers. Limited edition TiTAN Platform fidget spinners will be handed out to all who audition at the Karaoke Selfie Sing-Off at TiTAN’s VidCon booth at the Anaheim Convention Center, June 22-24.

Creators can join TiTAN Play’s new smart content platform early to monetize their original content using TiTAN’s encrypted, ecommerce-enabled and micro-subscription platform. Initial content distribution will cover the US, South Korea, China and SE Asia.

Come experience first-hand how TiTAN will change the way consumers can distribute and access unlimited multimedia content. With TiTAN Core, consumers can manage their smart homes and businesses as well as enjoy multimedia, including games, VR, kids content and karaoke, all from one device.

VidCon attendees are invited to check out TiTAN’s first floor booth, take selfies and test their karaoke skills with TiTAN Play, which includes live streaming of their performances at the TiTAN Platform booth.

On VidCon’s second floor for Creators and Industry, TiTAN Platform will exclusively demonstrate its TiTAN Core 5 new all-in-one smart home device for entertainment, apps and next-generation transactions, as well as sign up creators interested in monetizing across a global new platform.

Join TiTAN Platform at the Anaheim Convention Center:

  • 1st Floor – Creator & Fan Booth:
    Expo Hall #1701 – Karaoke Booth, TiTAN Play Karaoke Experience
    “The TiTAN Platform Stage,” June 22-24, 8am6pm.
    At 4pm every day, TiTAN will hold a Karaoke Selfie Sing-Off Contest.
  • 2nd Floor Booth – Creator & Industry Booth:
    Expo Hall #200 – TiTAN Core digital living room demo, June 22-24, 8am6pm.


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