Our Motto

Titanplatform is committed to being an organization that grows together with our customers through innovation and creativity.
Through our integrated profit sharing system and copyright protection principles, we represent a revolutionary shift in the paradigm of standardized content.
Our goal is to create a new media culture for people to freely communicate, empathize and collaborate. We strive every day to innovate and expand to a global platform service that meet the needs of people around the world.


Jae Young Yoon
Chairman Titan

Representative Director at Titan Platform
VP at Smart Content Center
Security Advisor at Korea Internet & Security Agency

Adrian Sexton
CEO Titan US

COO & President of Endemol Shine Beyond
Executive Vice President of Participant Media
Head of Digital at Lionsgate Entertainment

Seongjin Kim

CAO of Alcatel-Lucent
Deloitte Korea
Ernst & Young Korea

Richard Sussman
Chief Revenue Officer

Vice President/GM at TiVo
SVP Business Development at Interpublic Group
VP/Practice Head – Digital M&E at Nielsen

Kelly DiGregorio
Chief Content Officer

SVP Partnerships at Lazada
Director of Content at Intel Media and Verizon go90
Content Partnerships at YouTube

David Chung
Chief Product Officer

CEO/CTO of Vercoop
CEO/CTO of New Media Life
Founder of Nissi Media

Serge Kajirian
Vice President of Technology

Senior Manager of BI at Disney Interactive
Co-Founder PEK Interactive
Technology Systems Executive at RMG Inc

Darren Cohen
VP Sales

Alice Pai
Executive Sales Lead

Alan Cohen
Chief Marketing Officer

CMO of Otterbox

Cameron Blake
Creative Director


Alex Kim
Director, Service Planning

Mike Mook Jeong
Manager, Service Planning

Maria Hwang
Manager, Accounting

Harry Kim
Senior Manager, Development

Austin Jang
Manager, Marcom

Jae Jung
Financial Planning Analyst

Shawn Harmsen
Systems Engineer / Program Manager

Mariam Rastegar
Content Coordinator

Christina Paek
Junior Art Director

Cassidy Malloy
Marketing Coordinator

Jenny Kim
Digital Signage UI Designer

Kris Praise
Sales Production Coordinator

Jordan Temple
Executive Coordinator

John Nam
Executive Assistant Translator


Patri Friedman

Google software engineer
Managing Partner – Zarco Investment Group
Founder and Chairman of Seasteading Institute

Jerome C. Glenn

Executive Director/CEO of Millenium Project
CEO of World Futurist Society

Mitch Mallon

Founder and CEO of Stadium Media
Co-Chair of Digital Council at Entertainment Merchants Association(EMA)

Thomas Frey

Executive Director of DaVinci Institute
Google’s Greatest Futurist 2006
Innovations Editor of “The Futurist” Magazine

Ruth Vitale

CEO of CreativeFuture
Co-Founder of Paramount Classics
CEO of Fineline Features