Business Overview

Titan US is creating a new ecosystem of “smarter content for smarter devices” with a highly transactional social content platform, Winvention, and connected social content device, Clueworks, with built-in Cloud Karaoke, WiFi VR, IoT gateway, multimedia and DiD display functionalities



Social platform dedicated to providing safe distribution of content


Smart device that allows users to enjoy multimedia content in any setting


Global content creation & distribution licensing


Expanding our brand through audio and video peripherals


Titan delivers an innovative global ecosystem of software and hardware where ideas and art meet commerce and communication with breakthrough patented copyright protection and transactional ecommerce


Titanplatform’s core businesses includes copyright protection based digital platform Winvention, VR and other key content, content business, IoT home gateway services and Clueworks, the smart multi-media device. By combining these businesses together, we plan to create a new global media ecosystem