Smart Home Core

Titan Smart Devices utilizing Clueworks technology will be coming soon for in-home use as well as, B2B and B2G for retail, education, government and healthcare industries


IoT Home Gateway

As IoT is becoming increasingly common today, Titan Platform’s smart box Clueworks 5 provides a home gateway service where users can control all home appliances and monitor electricity usage

The Clueworks 4K VR HMD wifi headset gives users a the freedom of an untethered immersive experience and does not require a smartphone to operate.


Clueworks Digital KIOSK display is a smart system that allows Winvention content to be displayed for advertising

(Curved LCD)

With a radius of 800R~1700R in curved shape, the Clueworks 5 smart display Curved LCDs gives customers an immersive experience


Use of networks to provide live streaming and information


DID, Kiosk, Smart box, vending machines and more.
For advertisements, banks, home and businesses